Dear Dr. Pine,
You might be happy to hear that since I first came to your office about 4 months ago, with great pain and discomfort – due to your excellent care and treatment I am ready to report great improvement in my condition! Being 85 years old, this is a great achievement! I feel comfortable at every movement, the constant pain in my leg is a great deal less!!! For this good result, I am happy and truly thankful to You.


Katherine L. (January 25, 2004)

Dr. Pine has allowed me to live pain free with my herniated disc! Both Dr. Pine and his staff are friendly, helpful, care about my health!

Alexa K.

Dr. Pine is the best hands down can’t get any better. I would definitely recommend his services. His staff is wonderful and very polite.

Pebbles M.

Excellent experienced chiropractor. Will spend time and explain what he is doing. Cares about his patients!